Is weed or marijuana smoking considered healthy?

The medication of weed or marijuana is considered a supplement. Regular use can cause weed addiction, which can be very dangerous—dependence of weed results in severe health issues, resulting in complicated effects in the human body.


There are various risks & issues considering the facts of smoking weed or marijuana. Most of the European countries legalize weed & support it for medication purposes. But people need to understand specific facts before thinking of smoking a weed or marijuana.


Risks involved with weed or marijuana –


There are some potential risks of weed which needs to be taken into consideration along with some of its side effects.


  1. It can cause respiratory disease: Smoking weed or marijuana regularly can cause cough & even increase the risk of lung infection. Sometimes, people smoking a weed without knowing the fact that it can cause asthma problems as well. You need to define a proper dose of weed or marijuana if you are using it for medication purposes.


  1. It can cause Testicular cancer: Weed smoking can increase testicular cancer in the human body. When you smoke weed or marijuana, it can increase the size of the germ cell in the testicle, which can be dangerous.


  1. It can cause mental health problems: Being a regular smoker or having a weed addiction can cause severe mental health problems. You can have depression & even think of committing suicides as you are not even in your senses to make a proper decision for yourself.


Legal issues with weed or marijuana –

Most of the countries have legalized weed or marijuana for medication purposes. But in federal laws, weed or marijuana is still considered illegal.

If you have a disease that is curable from weed or marijuana, you can use it, but you have to think of your state’s laws. If weed is legal in your country, but you are carrying it along with you to other states that considered it illegal, you can be asked to pay some legal charges.

Conclusion –

Weed or Marijuana can be considered legal & can be used for medication purposes, but weed addiction can pose severe risks to your body. It is always good to read about the other local state laws before your travel plan to avoid any legal charges. It is still preferable to know about the potential risks of weed or marijuana by consulting a doctor.

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